Head trainer Alcina (Ali) Rawles started riding at the age of nine and grew up doing Pony Club and Three Day Eventing. She achieved her A rating in Pony Club and competed to the one star level in Eventing before deciding to give exercise riding a try. Her first job in racing was with Michael Dickinson where she spent three years, first as an exercise rider then as an assistant trainer. Wanting to work closer to her farm, Ali moved to being an exercise rider for Graham Motion at Fair Hill Training Center. After a year with Graham she began freelancing and worked mostly for Edwin and Liz Merryman. Over the winter from 2014 to 2015, Ali decided to take her trainers test and was licensed in March of 2015. Since that time she has had horses in training stabled at the Merryman's barn at Fair Hill. As well as having lay ups, leg ups, yearlings to break and horses moving on to new careers stabled at Meadow Spring Farm.


Assistant trainer, Megan Calibey, started riding at the age of six and also participated in Pony Club where she achieved a C-2 rating. Ali and Megan met through Pony Club where Ali often coached the younger kids. She has been working as assistant at Meadow Spring Farm since 2012 and also worked as a hot walker/groom for Liz Merryman for three summers while still in school. She has a Bachelors Degree in Biology from University of Phoenix. Since the fall of 2015, Megan has been assistant for both the racing and farm operations.